India December 2012

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

And so again Christmas was approaching, this year as every other year and so were the feelings of wanting to get away from it all.

And this year I really did, together with a good friend we took a trip to India and left the Christmas Chaos behind. Or not. India is pretty much the definition of chaos and it was quite an experience getting there. In a good way, I really loved it! If you like you can read more on our experiences here. Although everything did not turn out the way we expected it was still awesome, much thank’s to a perfect travelling friend (thank’s Camilla 🙂 ). I can really recommend it. As I can recommend you take a look at Camillas pictures here.

Indian Wildlife

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, Bandharvgarh NP, Chambal Safari Lodge (more info here)
Unfortunately we did not see any tiger…


Street Life / Miscellaneous

The most striking thing about India is all the friendly people, the never ending flow of happenings. You can just stand still and watch and be amazed. Cows, dogs, people, pigs (well everthing except cats for some reason), traffic, overloaded vehicles, dirt, colours. Everywhere. All the time.

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