I have made three safari trips to Africa; the first went to Tanzania in year 2008 (Serengeti-Ngorongoro-Lake Manyara-Tarangire) and the second to Botswana 2010 (Okawango-Moremi-Chobe-Victoria Falls). Two mindblowing trips which I can recommend; Tanzania had more breathtaking landscapes as well as more animals but Botswana offered a more close-to-nature experience (but then again I went to Botswana when the rain season had started and animlas tend to “disappear” into the green forests). See slideshows under the page “Bildspel” above.

2014 I went on a photosafari arranged by the awarded wildlife photographer David Lloyd to Masai Mara, Kenya just in the start of the rain season. It was amazing, stunning landscapes and lots of sightings of Big Cats and all the other usual suspects out there on the Savannah.

I really love safaris, especially when you go with other photo- and wialdlife nerds, however I sometimes get that itching feeling when a leopard or such has been spotted and the jeeps turn up from nowhere and everyone want to get into the right postion for a good shot (with the camera that is…) although you can see that the animal is stressed. I’m not better than anyone else and I don’t like it. Still, safaris are probably the only way for the animals to keep their habitat and survive…

Kenya, Masai Mara

Size doesn't matter..? Yeah right...

Size doesn’t matter..? Yeah right…

Leopard B&W_MNI_7276 800pxl MNI_0191 MNI_9047 storm m oxe



Big Bull

The banks of Chobe River was appearently covered with forests in the past. However the huge herds of elephants have totally changed the landscape…



Imagine sleeping alone in a tent and then waking up by the sound of a roaring leopard and crying hyena just utside the thin canvas… Didn’t feel very brave then 😀Sleeping beauty

Lioness in Chobe, grace and power in perfect balance. A few minutes later she launched an attack on some impalas nearvy but failed.


The Migration

The great Migration. Went up the hill while our driver took care of the paperwork at the gate of Serengeti. This was what I saw. Quite a herd right…?

One beast Tree Lioness Unique

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