One with nature


I can understand why the raven is common in old mythology; the sounds it makes is so powerful and … magical. Today I happened to find myself right under the tree were one raven talked to the world (or the “other side” maybe 🙂 ). So many different sounds. So loud. I was mesmerized. A bit frustrating being so close but not getting the chance to take a photo of it, but it still was one of my best experiences of nature ever. For real.


And speaking of frustration, about fifteen minutes later I saw a white tailed eagle approaching. Put up my camera and took a shot, just to find that the shutter speed somehow had been changed to 10 sec… The eagle came my way fast and all I could do was to wait for the first shot to end… Anyhow, I managed to get some photos, maybe not the sharpest but still an amazing bird (click to enlarge).

Two common buzzards were there as well.





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