Deliverance … sort of …


Here’s our version of Deliverance (Den sista färden), you know the movie from 1972 with Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight among others; some city folks canoeing in “the wilderness” and meet the locals … creepy movie…


Our version, way up north in Sweden, was a bit nicer than the film. The locals we met were quite friendly and neither Börje nor Lasse played the banjo 🙂

Nice to be out there, away from it all, where you can drink water directly from the lake/stream, away from the world wide web. No Google, no Facebook no Microsoft gathering info from every move you make … so I think at least… 😉

Glenn and Mikael are the fishing pro’s (for some reason they thought I was crazy being thrilled to catch a pike … instead of the trout …). Mostly practice catch&release but some fishes were caught for eating (grayling / harr).


Had our share of rain … but the sun did come for a visit as well …



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