Stoned on Öland

Been down on the “vacation-island” Öland where I grew up. While most people were lying like seals on the beach I took a drive up to the northern parts of the island (I’m a bit too restless for spending a whole day on a towel…). Haven’t been there for ages.
Guess many people think of long sandy beaches, sun, water and melting icecream when they speak about Öland, but I find the stony parts of the coast more inviting…. From the very tip of Öland (“decorated” with the lighthouse “Långe Erik”) you can drive down the coast watching all different kinds of stone formations, mostly limestone. (Click the pictures to enter gallery mode and larger views)


 Northern tip of Öland and the lighthouse Långe Erik:

Neptuni åkrar, fields covered with “natural” gravel:

The Island “Blå Jungfrun”:

They say wicthes come here to party with the devil…:


Byrum “raukar” (don’t know any English word for these kind of stone formations…):

Some more from the coastline


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