Åland archipelago part II

First working day after my shortest summer vacation ever is over, for some reason I’d rather stick to the memories from last week…

Did some kayaking among the islands, from time to time it got rather “bumpy” and I must admit I was really nervous about dropping my camera gear into the Baltic Sea…

Not quite comfortable with my macro lense yet, not many shots hit the bulls eye (check out Camilla’s blog if you want to see good macro’s…). Still much fun though!

Hm, most dragonfly-pictures I have seen shows heavenly and gracefully figures but mine just ended up like a freaky monsters  🙂   It was caught in a web (but escaped) on my porch hence the background not that sexy…

Fishing seemed to be the main thing amomg the few peoaple that was there. I sticked to the camera…

And some more photos from dusk to dawn (click for better view)…

2 thoughts on “Åland archipelago part II

  1. Åh helt magiska bilder! Snygga färger och snyggt fångat ljus!
    Tack för macrokomplimangen, men dina är minst lika bra! Håller inte med om att sländans bakgrund är dålig! Enkelheten i bakgrunden framhäver sländan.
    Snyggt helt enkelt!

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